The Houchin Construction Team

  • Tommy Houchin

    Certified General Contractor President / Owner
    #teamHouchin member since 1995
    Hometown: Naples, Florida
    First job in Construction: Sweeping up job sites for his grandfather
    Training and Education: On-the-job training with his father and grandfather; Bachelors in Building Construction from the University of Florida
    How he got here: Worked his way up in the company, learning the field trades and also estimating and company management; officially purchased the company in 2013 and is now sole owner and President of #teamHouchin
    Why clients love Tommy: Hands-on owner, involved in the day-to-day management of the company and projects
    Favorite part of his job: Design-build projects because you get to see the project thru from concept to completion
    You can find Tommy: Spending time with his wife and children or fishing
  • Josh Valle

    Florida Registered Architect / Project Manager
    #teamHouchin member since 2015
    Hometown: Cape Coral, Florida
    First job in Construction: Draftsman for William Kyle Kitchens, Architect
    Training and Education: Bachelors of Design and Masters of Architecture from the University of Florida; Internship with Studio AD, Architect
    How he got here: Designed and ran several projects for #teamHouchin while at Studio AD; decided to try the Construction Management side of things
    Why clients love Josh: Ability to visualize a project from the 2D drawings and help clients to do the same
    Favorite part of his job: Being part of the mystery of creating new and interesting projects
    You can find Josh: Trying new restaurants with his girlfriend; working out
  • Kiryn Sanchez

    Office Manager
    #teamHouchin member since 2010
    Hometown: Oshawa, Ontario
    First job in Construction: Concrete subcontractor in Naples
    Training and Education: Bachelors in Business from Western
    International University
    How she got here: Referred to #teamHouchin by their accountants as someone who knew the accounting software
    Why clients love Kiryn: Her helpful nature
    Favorite part of her job: Reconciling the accounts and getting everything to add up
    You can find Kiryn: Cooking with her husband; reading and playing board games with her son and daughter
  • Jimmy Bierau

    #teamHouchin member since 2002
    Hometown: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
    First job in Construction: Framing crew, building houses
    Training and Education: Project Supervision and Project Management Programs; OSHA, firestopping, forklift, and other construction training programs and certifications
    How he got here: After moving to Naples in 2000, Jimmy met #teamHouchin when he was working on a crew erecting hangars at the Naples Airport
    Why clients love Jimmy: His attention to detail when managing on-site crews
    Favorite part of his job: Building relationships with repeat clients and subcontractors
    You can find Jimmy: Working on projects at his house or helping family or friends at theirs
  • Chad Mathis

    #teamHouchin member since 2016
    Hometown: Fort Myers, Florida
    First job in Construction: Helping his father with home improvements and his
    grandfather to build an addition on his house
    Training and Education: On-the-job training in framing, carpentry, stucco, drywall, hurricane shutters and more
    How he got here: Chad was referred to #teamHouchin thru mutual contacts
    Why clients love Chad: Always looking ahead in the project to keep the subcontractors on schedule
    Favorite part of his job: Learning new construction methods
    You can find Chad: At the gym or fishing with his brother and friends
  • Kristey Smatlak

    Payables Specialist
    #teamHouchin member since 2016
    Hometown: Shamong, New Jersey
    First job in Construction: Her father’s construction business
    Training and Education: Bachelors in Business Studies from Stockton University
    How she got here: Just a few weeks after moving to Naples #teamHouchin found her resume online
    Why clients love Kristey: Her constant smile
    Favorite part of her job: Seeing the project progression in the weekly pictures
    You can find Kristey: Exploring Southwest Florida with her son and daughter

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