What sets Houchin Construction apart is our Project Delivery System.

This internal process includes various procedures, cost-controls, and schedule-controls. Our Project Delivery System brings balance to the project, and ensures each project receives the same commitment and attention to detail it deserves.

Although by name we are “contractors” or “builders”, at Houchin Construction we understand that our true role in your project is as Managers. We manage all parties, information, funds, and time needed to deliver an excellent product and an excellent experience. We utilize our Project Delivery System to manage all projects, regardless of size, scope, or contract type.

What’s the Difference?

Design-Build vs. Construction Management vs. General Contracting

The Design-Build approach is a more streamlined building process. When you contract with us for Design-Build services, we become the head of your team and our Project Manager becomes your one point of contact from start to finish of your project. We hire, and manage, not only the subcontractors and material suppliers, but also the architect, engineers, and other consultants. When we are involved in the design process, we start managing costs and schedule from day one. There is no blame or “finger-pointing” when problems or changes arise. We are accountable for and manage all changes and conflicts.

In a Construction Management relationship, we can still be involved from early on in the project. As the owner, you contract with the architect directly, who in turn hires the other consultants. Separately you contract with us, and we manage the construction, hiring subcontractors and suppliers. As a part of the project team, we work with you and the architect to facilitate the design process. We can offer input on the plans as they develop as to building codes, cost-saving alternatives, long-lead time items, or constructability of the design.

The more traditional General Contracting relationship is also known as Design-Bid-Build. In this arrangement, once the design is completed, the architect solicits bids from several General Contractors on behalf of the owner. When preparing bids, we carefully review the plans and request clarification from the architect as needed in order to provide the most accurate bid possible. Our proposals include qualifying information and a list of items that are not included our price, so that our bid may be easily compared to other bids received.

Why Design-Build?

The top three reasons our clients prefer the Design-Build method are time-savings, better value, and better process.

In Design-Build, we work to streamline the schedule long before construction begins. With in-house architectural services, as the design develops, we can ensure the constructability of the plans from the start, rather than after the design is completed. We can pull in trusted consultants and subcontractors as needed to review or collaborate on design ideas and reduce permitting and construction delays later in the schedule. Long lead-time items are identified early and can be ordered concurrent to permitting, avoiding lag time once construction begins.

Value-engineering is the process of improving the value of a project by reducing either project or on-going costs while still maintain the quality. In Design-Build, we can focus on this from the start, rather than trying to make changes later in the process. Out in-house architect works with you to identify lower cost alternative products and designs, or conversely explore methods that may incur a higher cost up front but help avoid costly maintenance or repairs in the future.

Proper coordination of a project is key to reducing headaches in the process. We understand all the disciplines involved in your project, the work needed from each team member, and the requirements to get a project permitted and built. By managing the sequencing and proper coordination of all information and parties involved, we can reduce re-work, conflicts, and make the entire process much smoother. With us as your one point of contact, you never have to figure out who to call with questions or worry about making sure information is shared to all who need it.

How does it Work?

The phases of a Design-Build project tend to overlap, helping to reduce the overall duration of the project.

Although called the Design Phase, the design is not the first thing that happens. This phase starts with a review of your project goals, ideas, vision, budget, and timeline. If you do not already have a site, we can assist in reviewing potential sites for feasibility. If a site has already been selected, the existing conditions are documented and evaluated. Once all data is collected, a schematic design is prepared for your review and approval. If necessary, we may meet with county, city, or fire officials to discuss the project or plans. Preliminary budget and schedule are also established during this phase while the plans are developed.

As the plans are finalized, they are sent out to subcontractors and suppliers for pricing, and concurrently can be submitted for permitting. We send you submittals or samples to help in making selections. As pricing comes in and selections are made, we provide you with a formal budget and schedule. We order long-lead time items so that they arrive at the proper time during construction. We can also make some site preparations during pre-construction to ensure we are ready to start construction once permitting is completed.

Without having to go thru a second selection phase to choose a contractor, the Construction Phase can continue seamlessly from the Pre-Construction Phase. This is the most well known and most anticipated phase, as you get to watch the concept unfold from a two-dimensional drawing to a three-dimensional reality. We maintain our focus on quality, cost, and schedule throughout this phase. Regular meetings are held, submittal and sample process can continue, and updates to the budget and schedule happen in real time.

The Post-Construction Phase is often overlooked, however we commit just as much time and detail into this phase as the other phases of your project. We walk thru the project with you to generate a punch list, which is completed concurrent to final cleaning and touchups. We also compile extensive closeout documentation for you, including equipment and fixture warranties and manuals, finish selections, plans, certificate of occupancy, and other important information for the care and maintenance of your new facility.

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